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Leyeh Leyeh in HaLong Bay

Sunday, 23 April 2017, day 2 in Hanoi. We got our breakfast, then waiting for our pick-up to Halong Bay. Around 7:45 AM, our guide from Fantasea picked up us. They picked up several other guests from the lodgings around the old quarter area, before heading straight to Tuan Chau International Marina, the gate for HaLong Bay..


It was 4 hours drive, with 30 minutes break in the middle. We stopped in a shop called ABC Stop-Over. There were a lot of vietnam’s souvenirs, branded shoes (i.e. nike, adidas), branded jacket (i.e. north face), jewelry, etc in this ABC Stop-Over. But most of us, the backpackers 🙂 , stopped here just for the rest room. The rest room was well maintained and very clean!


the ABC Stop-Over, on the way to marina..

We arrived around 12 noon at marina, then boarded to our cruise! Woohoooo!! It was not a fancy cruise though, hellooo..remember the priceee pleasee.. 😛 ,not like bhaya or aphrodite, but that was enough for an experience.


The Cruise


the dining room and also functioned as gathering room..


our bed room..though it was supposed to accomodate 3 persons


complimentary tropical fruits..deliciosoo


our bathroom..

After got the room key, loaded our bags to the room, then back to dining room, and waiting for the lunch to be served 🙂 Prior serving, they asked us if we have special requested meals, etc. Since we are moslem, so we requested for vegetables and seafood only meals.


lunch is on the way.. Lunch was part of the package but the drink was excluded

Besides we two, we shared the table with 3 ladies from Argentina. What surprised me, they spoke very very limited english, but they’re sooo confident flying far to south east asia for a month! Bravo -language is not the barrier for you to travel indeed, he?

Finished our meals, we’re back to our room and had free time up to 3 PM. You could spend it at roof top watching over the sea.. read your book, listen to the music, drink your (beer!!) .. you named it.. Well, this was really a slow holiday… kebanyakan leyeh leyeh nyaaa… hahaha



leyeh leyeh at roof top! Eventhough under a cloudy sky =))


very windy up here. A jacket is a must!



Hang Sùng SÔt

At 3 PM we left the cruise and did some hiking to Hang Sùng SÔt, a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. Hang translated as Cave, btw.

Prior entering the cave, our guide explained about the HaLong Bay, in which translated as descending dragon in English, and said that this cave is one of the best among any other HaLong Bay caves. The cave itself consists of 3 chambers, started from the small one and the biggest is the third one. The lighting was used over the stalactites and stalagmites, made them look gergous!


the entrance fee has been included in our halong bay cruise package


the 1st chamber. A very well-maintained cave, with lighting to the stalactites


tried to take a pose in front of colorful stalactites! can you spot us..? =))


exiting the last chamber, you will be greeted by this kind of view.. lovely..!


snack stall, on the way back to the cruise..


back to the cruise, then continued visiting the next cave


Hang LuÔn

From Hang Sùng SÔt, we continued to Hang LuÔn, or Luon Cave. This was a place used to be kayaking spot. But 20 days ago, the local authority just released the news that kayaking is not allowed anymore in this area, as too crowded (that was the reason our guide told us). So we used wooden boat to get in to the cave.


we’re approaching the cave’s harbor


Did you notice a hole there? That ‘hole’ is our entrance and exit gate to the ‘cave’ -goa2an ini mah kalo mau di bilang =))


instead of kayaking, we have to use this wooden boat to get in to the cave


boat with motor engine is not allowed here


what to see in here? Monkeys! Yeah, you got it right, we only came here to see monkeys!! =))


From here, we got back to our cruise. It almost 5 PM, we have free time up to 7. Dinner will be served on 7 PM.

I was hoping to see sunset. Unfortunately it was tooooo cloudy 😦


Night at the cruise

We have quite another leyeh leyeh time on the cruise before dinner. Most of the tourists in the cruise chilled out with cool beer. But us, requested for hot tea! *kedinginan, mana angin nya kenceng beneerrr.. butuh tolak angin dan minyak angin! Hahaha, faktor U =P* Remember, drink was excluded from the cruise package, so you have to pay another money for it!


leyeh leyeh time again..! =))


dinner of the day..!

After dinner you could do fishing or karaoke or just staying in room, or whatever you want to do 🙂





tried fishing, but instead they got squids! =))


Early morning in HaLong Bay

Monday, 24 April 2017. It was cold and rainy in the morning. Heavy fog covered the HaLong Bay, bolded its mystic aura.


misty morning in HaLong Bay

After finishing our breakfast, around 07.30 AM we’re heading to Ti Top island.


The name Ti Top is named by the most respectful hero of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh, after the Russian astronaut German Titop on the occasion of his first visit to Halong Bay in 1962 (source: http://www.halongbay.info/attraction/ti-top-island.html).


the Ti Top statue

There are different timetable between winter (1 Oct – 30 Apr) and summer (1 May – 30 Sep) season in the bay’s area, as seen below:


Around 08.00 AM, the gate opened and we took the (quite narrow) stairs to go to the top of Ti Top Island.


the queueing went upstairs


There are around 400 steps, most of them are narrow, to reach the top of Ti Top island. During the stairs-climbing, we also met senior indonesian couple (the first indonesian we met during this HaLong Bay trip!), age around 65 years. They made it up to the top, so you would be able to do that as well! I promised you the climb is worthed, as you would be granted with this kind of view:




Besides the hill with breathtaking view, Ti Top island also has beach in where you can do swimming (be cautious, the water is cold!), beach volleyball, or if you just only want laying on the beach.



We only had moreless 1 hour, in this Ti Top Island. A little past nine, we’re heading back to the cruise. Packed our luggages and gathered in the dining room. To kill the time we just hanged in around, did a little chit-chat or what ever you would want to do. Then at 10, our guide gave the presentation on making viatnamese spring roll. After that, we should do the making by ourself, and eat it (them) as much as we could make! =)))


vietnamese spring roll in the making

Then, while waiting for our lunch, we paid all the additional bills on the cruise. Please note, the meals included in the cruise package but not the drinks. So, as we had hot tea and water during the cruise-trip, we had to pay for additional 7US$ for 4 cups of hot tea and 1 bottled water. Expensive ha? =)))

We got our lunch around 11.30 AM, then we’re headed back to marina. From there, we had the bus waiting for us and returned us back to our lodging in Hanoi. We arrived in our lodging around 4.30 PM. A quite meaningful (yet bored in between? 😛 ) 2 days experience, he..? 😛


bye bye HaLong bay..!!

Note: Leyeh Leyeh (in Bahasa Indonesia) can be translated as doing nothing.



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  1. Wow, you are really hard-working photographers. Your shots are complete visual tour for viewers. Well done, dears! 🙂

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