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~thingking of Indochina trip

Indochina. Sepertinya lucu yah, bikin trip ke Indochina. So, i asked a friend, and she agreed to do the journey along. Yippie..! We planned for a week vacation, decided on date 22 – 30 April 2017. So many public holiday in April, too precious to just let it go righttt :))


how about enjoying vietnam coffe in a hot sunny day, in hanoi? =))


Since Indochina coverred a quite big area so we had to choose. Initially we planned to visit Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, then Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Vientienne in Laos. Too ambitious for only 9 days! =))

Finally we made up our mind and decided to visit:

  • Hanoi, as the former capital city of french indochina federation -besides we also want to experience Halong Bay’s cruise actually..hehe; and
  • Luang Prabang -in which based on googling result is really recommended to visit in Laos -Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

There is no direct flight from Jakarta to Hanoi. After several comparison including the accomodation for overnight stay, we chose Air Asia as the chepaest one. While from Hanoi to Luang Prabang, we initially planned to take night bus. But after browsing and googling we decided to fly 🙂 Only 2 airlines served Hanoi – Luang Prabang route: Vietnam Airlines and Lao Airlines, with barely same fare but different departure time.

Here are the summary of our flight cost. For Air Asia flight, it was included the 25kg baggage (for 2 persons, or 12.5kg per person). I also put the booking date for consideration the difference between booking date and flying date to the fare.


Well, not cheap. Hahaha. 7MM Rupiah only for 3 cities (3 countries) in ASEAN! Padahal udah pake Air Asia! Wkakaka.

Our first-leg flight with Air Asia was enjoyable. Our flight from Jakarta to Hanoi only had 30 rows. We got the seat number 29 (Jakarta – KL) and number 30 (KL – Hanoi). The space was luxury and we really had nice flight considering that KL-Hanoi was a 3.5hours flight, that supposed to be boring, no? 😛

But the flight Luang Prabang to Bangkok and Bangkok Jakarta, the row was 31. I didnot like it, as the space is too narrow… The 3hours flight of bangkok-jakarta was felt a waayy tooo loonnnggg and boring!  😦

One other thing I like about Air Asia, I could pre-order food and have guarantee the availability of the food before flying! *big smile*


sarapan di udara!

We left Jakarta on friday night, with overnight transit in KLIA 2. We booked Sama Sama Express KLIA 2 for staying during the night. A really nice hotel and a perfect way to get perfect rest, with a price absoulutely! Wkakaka.

On the last leg of our trip, we intended to have ‘overnight transit’ in Bangkok. For this, we booked a budget hotel in Bangkok city, just to taste the delicacy of thai’s food! Hahaha.

Here are the summary of our accomodation during the trip, including major excursion:


Well, in total we spent 10.7MM Rupiah for 9 days vacation in Indochina (plus Bangkok) -excluded makan dan oleh2! Hehe. Yang penting happy, hati senang dan bersuka cita. Duit insyaallah bisa di cari lagi 🙂



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