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ora beach, a heaven in east indonesia

After longing for several years, i finally got chance to see Maluku Island or the Moluccas, in east indonesia. I and my office mate took a trip tour to ora beach, in Sawai Village – Seram Island during 19-22 November 2015.

On 19 Nov 2015, we flew Batik Air on 00:30 AM leaving Jakarta and arrived in Ambon – Maluku 06:00 AM in the morning. It was a direct 3.5 hours flight, from Jakarta.


our happy faces once landed on Ambon – Pattimura Airport

From Ambon city, we drove for 1 hour heading to Pelabuhan Tulehu (Tulehu Harbour). From here we’re taking the ferry across Banda Sea to Pelabuhan Amahai in Seram Island, and it would take 2 hours. From Amahai Harbour, we had to continue driving around 3-4 hours (actually the distance is only for 85 km, but due to road condition it would take 3-4hrs driving) heading to Sawai Village. A long and exhausting journey, indeed..

To save the cost we did not stay in Ora-Eco Resort, but instead we were staying in Lisar Bahari lodging, a more affordable accomodation in Sawai Village, next to village residents.


the Lisar Bahari lodging


the view to the sea and other houses, part of Lisar Bahari

We got Lisar Bahari almost dusk. Some of us decided for snorkeling in the sea in front of the lodging, and some others just relaxing and enjoying the view, while having the tea/coffe and snacks.

Friday, 20 Nov 2015

Woke up early, and I was seeing the kids in this village going to school by boat. For me, that was spectacular view! As I was growing up in the city at west side of Indonesia, never got any chance going to school by boat.


let’s go to school!


My breakfast view ~~



let’s explore!

After having breakfast, we were ready to explore seram island. We were going down along the sea, in which them the water turned to be brackish and the mangroves and sago live in the river-side. They called it Sawai river, sungai Sawai. We were expecting to see the local people produced sago along the river. But due to the rain which caused the river color turned to be yellow, none of that activity performed at that time.


sawai river ~~none of local people making sago at that time 😦

So, we turned back and heading to islands around seram islands.

We are landed in an island, uninhabited one, i do not remember the island name, but we have our lunch in this island.


uninhabited island ~~

From island to another island, from a cliff to another cliff, that was our agenda for the rest of the day..


let’s visit another island!



one of interesting place to visit: Air Belanda, the meeting point of brine from the sea and freshwater from springs


can you spot the cave under this rock cliff..?


heading to ora beach!


the famous ora beach!


snorkeling in ora beach water

We spent the rest of the day in ora beach.. then back to our lodging in lisar bahari, and enjoy lobster for our dinner! Isn’t it fantastic..?!? πŸ™‚


bought fresh lobster for our dinner!


lobster for the dinner!

Sat, 21 Nov 2015

We were leaving lisar bahari today. But i wouldn’t perfect without having sea-photos before boating.


a glimpse of sunrise -taken from lisar bahari


a group picture, before leaving lisar bahari

After around 1 hour on boat, then several hours by car, continued by ferry and car again, then we arrived in Ambon city. We reached our hotel in ambon almost at 5 PM.

We spent a night in Ambon. We’re hunting for the souvenirs, foods and snacks from ambon and maluku, and ofcurse the eucalyptus oil as well.

Sun, 22 Nov 2015

Woke up early, me and some friends went on jogging to city hall. It just a short walk from our hotel -in which i forgot what the name of the hotel was… -____-


ambon manise at Lapangan Merdeka


pattimura statue

Back to hotel, having our breakfast, then packed our bags. We still had several hours in ambon before flying to Jakarta tonight. So, we did a city tour and visited several places like a flea market selling any kind of agate; Benteng Amsterdam (a kind of tower/blockhouse as a heritage of the dutch colonial); Masjid Wapaue (Wapaue Mosque); stop in the beach by the road; and visited ikan sidat spot (a kind of giant eel breeding).


agate flea market -aka: pasar batu akik! :))


welkom om Benteng Amsterdam!


a blockhouse over the sea



view from the top floor of the blockhouse


inside the old mosque -Masjid Wapaue


sea by the road -a group photo. If you’re in ambon, then you will see sea so easily!


penangkaran ikan sidat -giant eel breeding. Can you imagine how big this gient eel is…

Okey, so we should go home now, flying back to Jakarta, facing the reality -____-

We flew using Batik Air, departured 19.55 PM. Lucky for some of us, we have upgraded to business class! Yuhuuuu


batik air -business class upgraded πŸ™‚

Bye bye Ambon!

disclaimer: some of the photos belonged to my ora-travel-mate






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