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Amsterdam ~ a trip of a childhood dream

AMSTERDAM. A city of my childhood dream.

Saya tergila-gila dengan Belanda. Saya menamai rumah saya dengan d’Oranje. Saya juga mendukung tim sepakbola Belanda during world cup, hanya karena mereka..Belanda! Haha.

Alright, so the journey started once we landed in Schiphol airport. I did the journey along with a friend that i just knew over the backpacker indonesia forum 😀



The journey was started on saturday, 25 April 2015. Berbekal tiket promo yang hanya 850USD pp, Garuda Indonesia menerbangkan kita langsung dari Jakarta ke Amsterdam, non-stop! Dan really, 13 hours non-stop flight adalah sangat sangat melelahkan!

Landed safely in Schiphol, we’re welcomed by a gloomy morning local time. It supposed to be spring already, but seems winter did not want to move on yet..  😀

We booked an airbnb accomodation in Hoofddorp area -near Schiphol. After dropping the bag, jumping in to a train heading to Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans terkenal akan jejeran kincir anginnya. Selain itu, sepanjang jalanan Zaanse Schans, tulip2 di pinggir jalan sudah mulai bermekaran. Oh, hello Spring! 🙂


windmill is everywhere!


tulip pinggir jalan

Zaanse Schans was our only agenda for that day. Still jetlag though, we’re back to Hoofddorp, dan bangun2 sudah pagi! Haha!

OK, agenda hari ke-2, tgl 26 April 2015 adalah keukenhoff garden. We bought keukenhoff combi ticket, consistes of entrance fee to keukenhoff + return bus fare from keukenhoff to schiphol. Much easier, and save some Euros tho =)

Keukenhoff was a really amazing and very very large flowers field, especially for tulip!


tulip 2

tulip 3

tulip 4

Btw, maap yaah kl saya narsis, dan itu poto saya banyak bener…hehehe.

Setelah puas menjelajah keukenhoff, kita balik ke Schiphol menanti thalys yang akan membawa kami ke Paris! Eniwei, I was glad that we spent all the day long in this garden before heading to Paris!


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