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Negeri Di Atas Awan

Inilah caption yang selalu saya gunakan untuk menggambarkan landscape Gunung Bromo. It’s truly truly wonderful! Heaven! Khayangan..! The legend above the sky.
Well, to make y’all jealous, i’ll show you few (please note: only a few!) picts of Bromo that i’ve taken on my 14 July 2012 -trip.

negeri di atas awan

This is the one that i truly mad of..!! Inilah alasan saya menyebut bromo sebagai negeri di atas awan..!

Seeing this God’s beautiful creature, remains me of Katon Bagaskara’s song titled Negeri di Awan.. “kau mainkan untukku | sebuah lagu..tentang negeri di awan | dimana kedamaian menjadi istananya..dan kini tengah kau bawa | aku..menuju ke sana..”

bromo in the morning

the sun-rise

Sun-rise hunter! Yeah, you have to wake up at 3 AM in the morning, to get this beauty published in front of your eyes..!

In the middle of twilight-mist. That mount Bromo keep standing with all of its grace and beauty..!

bukit tele-tubbies

Dan tentu sajaaa…bukit tele-tubbies..! I bet you, y’ll have a great post(pre)-wedding photo session, here..! πŸ˜€

Still dont want to go there, or worries on the transportation? Ohh..c’mon..it’s not that difficult to get there. Here is the route you can take:

1. You can reach Bromo by flight from Jakarta to Surabaya or Malang.

2a. For a descent trip, you can take a chartered-car from Surabaya/Malang to your homestay in Cemoro Lawang area -the nearest stay area from Bromo.

2b. If you want to challenge your adrenalin and saving some money, you can take a travel-bus from the airport to Bromo.

3. From Cemoro Lawang, rent a jeep to take you to the Pananjakan area -in which here’s the best view point for the sun-rise. Need to wake very early -3 AM in the morning, to ensure you capture that very beautiful sun-rise-moment. Then, your jeep’s driver will take you down to the place that i call ‘negeri di atas awan’. The next destination, will be the Mount Bromo, and the last one is Bukit Tele-tubbies & Pasir Berbisik.

Some tips that might be useful:

1. Please consider the weather before planning your trip to Bromo. Avoid the rainy season.

2. Do googling and googling. For the home-stay, chartered-car, or travel-bus. Book them as soon as your trip-date is confirmed.

3. For jeep-rental, the price is standard, and it’s organized by the local community there. No need to worry on the jeep. Just make sure you make the reservation.

4. Ensure you take adequate sweater and medicine with you, as the weather is very cold, especially for the tropical-person -like you..?

That’s all, i believe. Go planned your Bromo-trip..! Enjoy..!! πŸ™‚


6 Responses

  1. so would you tell me about the budget? πŸ˜€

    • Idaa..the jeep (6persons) itself is around 350k IDR. While the chartered-car is around 1.4M IDR return.
      It’s better going there with friends, and u will save much.
      For a backpacker-type I think 500k IDR is enough if u share the cost for 6persons. While a descent trip might cost u around 1M IDR, I think?

  2. iya Un, bulan depan Agustus/September ada rencana ke Jakarta Un… tampung aku ya..!! πŸ˜€

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