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un Voyage à Haram Land

20 Mar 2012 -it’s around 1 AM local time at King Abdulaziz Intl Airport, Jeddah -safe landing by Saudi Arabian Airlines. A such sandstorm welcomed us – special greting from sahara land.. 🙂 and this, remained me on my trip to europe in which i was welcomed by a such snow-storm in early Jan 2010! Sand vs Snow, but both came with cold and strong wind!

Well, after passing the imigration line (and of-course ladies, you have to queue with your mahram!) we went to the bus, continued the journey to Mecca Al Mukarramah… one of the Haram Land in which forbidden for non-moslem, and some specific regulations for moslem applied here.

And here we go…the baitullah.. Ka’ba, house of God. Qibla for your salaah in your entire life..
and me..speechless.. for seeing a building at the front of me. Yes it’s. Here I was.. at my God’s house.


Masj al Haram. Here, there’s no praying tahiyatul masjid but instead you do tawaf – walk around the Ka’ba for 7 circles. and for you doing umrah, this tawaf is part of your umrah’s sequence.

Aside of Ka’ba, you can visit several interesting places in Mecca, such as Jabal Tsur, Jabal Nur, Jabal Rahman, Masjid Namirah, Muzdalifah, Mina, Masjid Ja’ronah… and yeahh..you’ll find pigeons..so many pigeons around the city..! As shown in pict below. Trully nice!


The next destination -for sure- another Haram Land: Madinah Al Munawwarah.

By seeing people will know that the landscape of this city is totally different with Mecca. Madinah is greener than Mecca, the land surface is flat, make it easier for the city’s planning. Thus, you will find a lot of hotels in the surround of Al Masjid Al Nabawi or the Prophet’s Mosque, the main destination of travelers.


The regulation in this mosque is stricter than Masj Al Haram. Women have their own door, and so do men. In women’s area of the mosque, you’re not allowed to bring the camera and mobile phone with camera. There will be an inspection prior entering women’s area. Also, special permit applied for entering Raudhah -the area inside the mosque, in which believed as one of the most powerful place for praising your du’a that will instantly be granted by Allah, Lord of the earth and heaven-

Around Al Masjid Al Nabawi you will find world-wide brand’s stores and cafe, i.e. Starbucks, H&M, mothercare, etc.. And for sure all that brands will be typed in arabic font as well!


And sure, around the city you can visit interesting places like Masjid Quba, Masjid QIblatain, Jabl Uhud, Masjid Sab’ah, Dates Market, etc.. Oh ya, one thing: your Indonesian Rupiah is acceptable in these Haram Lands..! Also, never worried to speak Bahasa here..! *grin*


It’s indeed a very memorable journey at Mecca and Madinah. But the time is up. Eight days passed. You have to back home. Going back to Jeddah for your flight home. A sight seeing at red sea is a nice bonus on your way to the airport.


You know what..? That’s really a fantastic journey I’ve ever had..! You need to prove it by yourself..! 😀


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